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Lich King VI: The Omniclasm

from The Omniclasm by Lich King



Now into space the Lich King transcends
He is formless, a spectre, a void
Looming and dwarfing the crimson sun
Time quickens and earth is destroyed

Celestial bodies are fodder for razing
Planets, gas giants are ripe
Crowding around him, he grows ever larger
Begins the great galactic wipe

And Canis Majoris is cleaved in twain and the
Sparks form a three hundred million mile trail of floss
The Horsehead Nebula consumed in a fireball
Stretching three and a half lightyears across

Metaphysical blade shears a massive black hole
Its accretion disc scatters as dust
Lunging and swinging, the targets grow tiny
Milky Way flickers, impaled on a thrust


Whole galaxies stir with a turn of his hand
Novas like fireflies swirl in the air
His tremendous size exceeds the universe now
Suddenly, only black everywhere

Fourth dimension unfurls to his hollow eyes
All time and all space revealed, he sees
Abstract concepts, immutable truths
He’ll kill these too, he thinks, and is pleased

And astronomy, poetry, love, mathematics
Fall prey to a screaming slash
Chemistry, metallurgy and more are
Undone in a blinding flash

Civics, aesthetics, philosophy, logic
Are crushed in a psionic vise
Reason is dying, an unspeakable
End result of his dead paradise

This is his Omniclasm

Back in the ash cloud that once was Earth
The Nucleomancer remains
Comprehends the King’s plan at last
Bellows and rises in flame

Furious blaze explodes in size
And the King notes the emerald speck
Howling up through the airless gloom
Blossoming green from total black

Usurper begins to coalesce
Threads of physics all unwind
“All hail the king,” the stars cry, dying
A final battle at the end of time

And morningstar meets it, gargantuan flares
Sent thundering from non-corporeal steel
Each strike blocked is answered, in a
Cosmic, cacophonous catherine wheel

The King sees his way to destroy everything
A last concept lies behind his foe
He swings, enemy thinks it a miss
And readies the killing blow


The King begins to cackle
At the climax of the bout
His aim was true, he’d run it through
Reality itself winks out


from The Omniclasm, released April 14, 2017


all rights reserved



Lich King Greenfield, Massachusetts

We create new old-school thrash metal in the vein of EXODUS, VIO-LENCE, S.O.D., SLAYER and others.

We think the sound of thrash was perfected in the 80’s and we’re not trying to add anything to the mix. We’re just coming up with riffs and songs that the old masters didn’t.
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